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Celebrating the Absence of the Spirit of God

JL Fuller, a Mormon apologist, has a great comment to a posting on the Whats This Mormon Thing?” blog. In it, he suggests that although we regret losing the presence of the Holy Spirit, it is that temporary loss that God uses to build our faith.

When He returns I understand I benefited from His absence. It made me think about what I was doing or did. … Afterwards, my testimony of Christ, Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost is strengthened.

I understand that feeling. I remember being mad at God once, and yelling at him to leave me alone.

He did.

In that instance, He showed me how much of my life depended on Him. Without God, I experienced a depth of emptyness, of aloneness, such that I never want to feel again. And when He returned, an instant later, my testimony was strengthened.

But then, as JLFuller said, “Is it tough to face the world alone? Yes it is. But I need reminding.”

(read the comment in context here.)